Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Scarcity Programming

Scarcity programming is the negative belief that you will never be wealthy. It can manifest as an overall feeling that there is not enough wealth on this earth for everyone, or by thoughts of inadequacy and that we simply don't deserve to be wealthy. This mentality could not have more of a negative impact on your psyche, nor could it be any further from the truth. Any such negative beliefs will ultimately hold you back and keep on doing so until you figure out where those thoughts and feelings are coming from.

As a boy growing up with a single mother, I was subconsciously programmed to believe that I was poor and I was always going to be that way. I was constantly hearing my mom say things like “We will never be able to afford that.” or “We’ll never have that kind of money.” Although my sweet and loving mom meant no harm by these simple phrases, they had a huge impact on my thoughts of wealth and having money of my own. I was brought up to believe that life was always going to be hard and that I would always be scraping by. As a result it took me a long time to realize the true abundance that is constantly present in the universe.

In accordance with the law of radiation and attraction, if you believe something to be so, it eventually gathers enough energy to manifest on the material plane. This is how we constantly create reality. By thinking you are poor and going to stay poor, you will keep yourself that way. Changing this mentality is a process, just as becoming wealthy is a process. I like to refer to it as a shift in consciousness. It’s not going to happen overnight and in most cases a cleansing and re-programming of the subconscious mind is needed.

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